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Well I stayed home the week of the February 23rd since Yale gives breviement time and I needed to make the funeral arrangements for my sister.  I went to the Funeral Parlor and made the plans my sister and I talked about.  After the death of our father, she and I both agreed we didn't want traditional funerals.  We both want to be cremated and then have our ashes scattered (in her case) or planted with a tree (like in my case).  So that's what I did.  No wake, just a notice in the local paper: 

DeCERBO KATHY Kathy DeCerbo age 41 of West Haven died suddenly February 23 2009. She was the daughter of the late George M. and Janet L. Cryan DeCerbo. She is survived by her brother Timothy G. DeCerbo of West Haven sister Jennifer DeCerbo of Waterbury and her best friend Grace Tibbals. All services are private and in care of West Haven Funeral Home at the Green. Donations in her memory may be made to the North Shore Animal League 25 Davis Avenue Port Washington NY 11050.

On Friday the 27th I went back to the Funeral Home and picked up my sisters ashes and payed the bill.   All the pain and sadness, a whole life just ends with a financial transaction.  Her friend Grace and I will scatter my sister's ashes into Long Island Sound from either one or the piers or at Bradley Point in West Haven, Connecticut in the month of June when the water will look blue, rather than the steely gray of winter.   My sister and I grew up 3 blocks from the beach so we played and explored there as kids, back in the good ole days when children had to make up their own games and could go farther than their backyards unlike kids now.  I think she will like to return there. 

I hope this post doesn't sound to morbid, but it really helps writing this out, so I can't forget how I feel at this point of time. 

Also, I joined facebook so if any of you have an account and would like to be friends there (I post much more often there than I do here) please feel free to friend me.  Find me by either Timothy DeCerbo or timct@aol.com. 


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23 February 2009 @ 02:01 pm
It's been a while since I posted anything here but that's because I figured my life is so boring, work-home-eat-sleep, but today at 3:30am in the morning my sister Kathy passed away.  She was having problems breathing but by the time the ambulance arrived at Yale-New Haven Hospital, they couldn't revive her.  I stayed with her for a few hours then said my goodbyes so they could do a medical examination to tell me how she died. 

My sister and I were very close.  We were there for each other to get through the deaths of our parents.  Now I'm alone.  I have no other siblings. This wasn't the way it supposed to be, at least not this soon.  I've cried for hours, then for a few more.  I know eventually the pain will begin to fade, but this  pain is so different.. so deep.  I almost feel "damaged" some how. 

I'll post more when I can.

I love you Kathy.  I miss you so much!  

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03 August 2008 @ 01:27 pm
Here it is Sunday afternoon and I'm still steamed about paying my cable television bill on Friday evening!  I hate Comcast! I hate Comcast! I hate Comcast!  Sorry to be so childish but I needed to rant/vent.  I paid my bill (online) back on July 28th and was surprised that on August 1st, they still hadn't withdrawn the money from my checking account.  I logged into their website and clicked on "current activity" where it said my payment was submitted to my credit union but that it wasn't accepted.  I checked my checking account but my balance never fell below the amount I was requested to have withdrawn, nor was there a fee charged to my account that you would get if you bounced a check.  Not only did I still have to pay the amount, they also charged me a $20 fee for having it returned.  

I immediately called Comcast and after slogging my way through their phone menus I got a live person.  She looked at my account and said I must have typed in the wrong account/routing numbers of my checking account but other than that, she had no more information.  She intimated that it was probably my credit union's fault, but I explained that since  I had enough of a balance in my account to pay my bill, that was very improbable.  She kept saying "I'm sorry, but there's no more information about what happened.  You must have entered your account information incorrectly".  I know laying the blame on the customer is typical of corporate monopolies like this but when it actually happens to you it's still a bit of a shock.  I mean its such a perfect set up.  You tell the customer your payment was refused, you don't have to provide proof, blame the customers financial institution and and when your bank/credit union says they don't see where anything happened on their end, both blame the problem on the other one and you're stuck in the middle.  

Since she wouldn't budge on crediting me the $20 fee, I asked her how much was HBO costing me a month.  She said $12.95 so I told her to remove it.  She said ok but I wanted to make sure she understood what I was doing so I said "Ok, I'll pay the $20 fee but by canceling HBO It's costing you over $150 for the year".  That seemed to slow her a bit, but she agreed to cancel it.  She said the billing change will show up in my next statement and I said thanks and hung up.  I was so pissed because I started paying my bill online with them 4 years ago because they would "lose" the checks I mailed to them then "find" them a few months later on someones desk and try to deposit them (of course I already send a replacement check and put a stop payment on the old check) which would incurred another $20 fee for returned check charges. 

So I've lost HBO (not too much of a loss, ever since 6 feet under ended and ROME was canceled I've barely watched it) but I'll be saving a bit of cash (instead of paying $98 I guess I'll be paying $85 or so).  Since they are a monopoly and I can't just change to another company, it's like being in a relationship with someone you hate.  I could always get a dish and get programing from the phone company, but I don't know if I want to be totally in ATT's hands either.  I have them for phone, cell, and DSL which is costing enough as it is.  

Thanks LJ for letting me vent. ;-) 
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31 July 2008 @ 03:14 pm
I've stopped looking at what the temp is going to be this summer as I've discovered it's the dew point that makes the heat feel oppressive, not the temperature. It's 82F here, not too bad, but the dew point is 72 and that makes it feel so sticky and humid. As a fat guy, I hate the humidity!! Next week I have a few vacation days so I hope to visit the beach for the first time this year. My big gut has been very pasty all year so it's time to get a bit of color.

Found this quiz and thought it was fun. Other states available.

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31 July 2008 @ 02:15 pm
Just had to share this story to whoever reads this. On my way home from work today I stopped at the local Krausner's (used to be a Wawa) to pick up some milk and ice cream. I went up to pay for it and the guy at the counter asks me about my cap. It's a blue cap with lacrosse logo on it. He asks me if I play, while looking at my huge belly. So I say yes and he's like really? I say yes, I belong to an amature team for guys 400lbs and over. He say's you're kidding and I say no, we play most weekends in the Autumn. He asks if I'm 400lbs but I tell him Im 375 and they let me in cause I'm short. ;-)

Of course there's not such team, but the more I think about it, I wish there was! Imagine seeing a field full 400 pound guys shirtless at a practice? YUM!

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20 July 2008 @ 04:19 pm
Hello all.  I decided to start a blog with LJ as it seems a more stable platform and reasonably supported.  I'm a born and bred Connecticut Yankee and live in West Haven, CT, a city on Long Island Sound.  I'm of average height (5'6", and NO, that's not short! ;-)) and sport a big 67" gut.  I love my gut and enjoy talking about it with guys (I'm gay so it makes sense) who can appreciate a big guy.  If you can't handle that I'm a fat guy who's fine with his body as it is, please do us both a favor and pass this journal by.  

I enjoy making friends so please drop me a line and feel free to ask any questions you'd like.  

I'll post more soon, so take care. 

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